About Me

My name is Simone and I am a full time mum, part-time lawyer and author of Voyaging Stars – a blog about our travels as a young family that I hope will inspire others to get out and see the world with their kids too.  Whether we’re simply being tourists in our home town or heading overseas, we love to get out and explore.  There is something humbling and simultaneously incredibly uplifting about seeing the world through your child’s eyes.  Everything takes on a new significance.  Your attention is drawn to things you would otherwise overlook and you are forced to be present, to live in the moment.  Because that is how children live.

simonecollignon_1457262893_8The title “Voyaging Stars” refers to the system of celestial navigation used for centuries by Pacific Island navigators to traverse the oceans.  These navigators – my ancestors – relied on knowledge passed down over generations about the intricate star compass above and the feel of certain currents below.  Following the paths laid by special guiding stars as they rose above the horizon, they were able to sail vast distances to neighbouring islands and, eventually, to return home.

Voyaging Stars is a place to share my family’s travel stories, as well as practical hints and tips for young families.

Inspiration for this site came not long after my daughter Coco was born.  Like many other new parents, my husband and I had initially feared we would need to tone down our outgoing lifestyle and crazy travel ambitions .  But far from being the end of our travels, the first year of Coco’s life was full of adventure – we crammed more into those twelve months as a new, young family than we had in the preceding five years when it had been just John and I!  We just learned to travel differently – to be more organised in some ways and waaaaay more relaxed in others!

My hope is that this site will prove to be a ‘guiding star’ for you and your family; one that sees you happily setting sail over and over, and over again!

Simone x